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Sandhill Crane Festival

November 1-3 · Hutchins Street Square · Lodi, CA

November 1-3, 2019

Hutchins Street Square · Lodi, CA

800-581-6150 ·

Art Show

2009 Art Show Award Winners

The 2009 Sandhill Crane Festival Art Show featured nature-related pieces from local artists, including watercolors, oils, acrylics, etchings and other prints, photographs, and ceramics.

Festival Favorite

Brigitte Clough, Family Outing

Brigitte Clough, Morning Stretch
Sandhill Cranes, Photography -Third

Michael Corlew, Sunrise Flight
Sandhill Cranes, Photography - Second

John Callahan, Sandhill Crane Study
Sandhill Cranes, Fine Art - Second

Steven Clapper, Snowy Egret Dance
Other California Wildlife, Photography - First

Katherine Plumer, The Lookouts
Other California Wildlife, Fine Art - Third

Emilie Kashtan, Foggy Take Off
Sandhill Cranes, Fine Art - Third

Michele Rosett, Over the Horizon
Sandhill Cranes, Fine Art - First

Kathrina Yarbrough, Live Quail on Pan-Fried Noodles
Other California Wildlife, Photography - Third

Richard Pavek, Great Blue Heron
Other California Wildlife, Photography - Second

Molly Keller, River Spotty
Other California Wildlife, Fine Art - First

Rene Reyes, Dynamic Duo
Other California Wildlife, Fine Art - Second