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Sandhill Crane Festival

November 1-3 · Hutchins Street Square · Lodi, CA

November 1-3, 2019

Hutchins Street Square · Lodi, CA

800-581-6150 ·

Art Show - 2007 Awards

Best of Show

Art – Richard Kirkman, Sandhill Cranes

Photography – Jeannie Wallen, Stillwater Mallards

Sandhill Cranes (Art)

First – Linda Sutton, Getting to Eat Out

Second – Juan Peña, And Then There Were Two

Third – Janice Howard, A Trio of Sandhill Cranes

Honorable Mention – Marilyn Eger, Sandhill Crane

Honorable Mention – Linda Sutton, First Home

Sandhill Cranes (Photography)

First – Christine Hansen, Backlit Sandhill Crane

Second – Brigitte Clough, Sunset Cranes

Third – Darby Hayes, Sandhill Crane Courtship Dance I

Honorable Mention – Brigitte Clough, Togetherness

Other California Wildlife and Their Habitats (Art)

First – Richard Kirkman, American Kestrel

Second – Leland Choy, Egret by Lake

Third – Jerry Theobald, Contemplating Next Move

Honorable Mention – René Reyes, Portrait of a Stilt

Honorable Mention – Jill Smith, Days End on the Delta

Other California Wildlife and Their Habitats (Photography)

First – Brigitte Clough, Down in the Mouth

Second – Brigitte Clough, Sunset Stilt

Third – Darby Hayes, Trumpeter Swan I